Ocean Freight Secure & Reliable

Pritor Logistic 3PL Services Inc. provides a containerized ocean freight service to or from any offshore location. The operations of our ocean freight distribution alliances are strategically located at major key centres and ports around the world to promote the highest quality of transportation and service excellence.

Pritor Logistic 3PL Services Inc. offers a full range of ocean freight services for all your ocean freight requirements. We have over 1 year experience in ocean freight forwarding and logistically coordinating international ocean shipments in a mode of vessel types, container ships and bulk ships that will meet all your shipping needs. We manage all aspects of shipping your ocean cargo, from booking the appropriate vessel to handling and processing all documentation and paperwork to ensure your shipment arrives within the time frame specified.

Pritor Logistic 3PL Services Inc. will book and manage your ocean freight for you:
Full Container Load (FCL) or Less Than Container Load (LCL)
BreakBulk and Roll On/Roll Off
Full or Part Charters
Cross Trade
Delivery Term Options Incl. Door to Door, Terminal to Terminal
Regular & Reliable Sailing Schedules
Domestic & International Customs Clearance

Less than a Container Load (LCL)
You have the option of shipping less than a container load. The benefit is a lower cost by sharing a full container with other people’s goods that are shipping to the same port, and the same care and protection of using a container are maintained.
Full Container Load (FCL)
Containers are convenient for transporting your freight safely, tracking your shipment and having the piece of mind that your shipment is together and will arrive together at the final destination.
Please talk to us about what type of container you need and if you have specific freight requirements. We stock all types, sizes, including different containers for the protection for your goods, such as temperature controlled and containers for oversized items.

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